Use the following instructions and guidelines to contribute to the Portainer project.

Build Portainer locally


Ensure you have Docker, Node.js >= 0.8.4 and npm installed locally.


Checkout the project and go inside the root directory:

$ git clone
$ cd portainer

Install the dependencies using npm:

$ npm install -g bower && npm install

Ensure that a folder named bower_components is created in the root directory, if not run the following command:

$ bower install --allow-root

Note for CentOS users, you’ll need to create a symlink to the shasum binary:

$ ln -s /usr/bin/sha1sum /usr/bin/shasum

Build the app locally:

$ grunt build

Start a live-reload process, the local application will be updated when you save your changes:

$ grunt run-dev

Access Portainer at http://localhost:9000

Do not forget to lint your code:

$ grunt lint

Contribution guidelines

Please follow the contribution guidelines on the repository.